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Wondering what kind of dresses suits your body type? Look no further! Satine Gowns will be answering your concerns to find the best-fitted dress for you and make sure you look your best on all occasions.


Before looking at the types of dresses, we would need to meet at the middle point. Yes! We are referring to your waist! Where the waistband is allocated on your dresses makes a massive difference in how you would look for your body type.


There are a total of three different locations which waistbands are found on a dress, and they are

Empire-Waist (Under the bust), A-Line (Fitted at your natural waistline) and Drop Waist (Sits at the upper hip).


The empire dresses are dresses which are fitted through the bust. The main difference between the A-Line and an Empire Dress is that from the bust down, the empire just flows instead of making a distinctly angular shape at the bottom.

The Empire Waist dress is basically suited for just about anyone. Regardless if you're an apple-curved individual or an individual with curvy sides, the Empire Dresses would help to complement your bust shape and minimise the other section of your body. Even if you're a petite size individual, this style will help further define your silhouette - especially in maxi length.



An A-Line dress are dresses that fit naturally to your waistline, helping any individual to minimise the look of the mid-section of the body such as your hips and further enhancing your best section at the same time!


The Drop Waist Dresses are dresses with waistbands sitting right at your hips. The key to looking the best with a Drop Waist dress is to make sure that the clothing is not tightly fit to any section of your body. Allowing it to flow and hangs freely!


Moreover, a Drop Waist dress would look fantastic on athletic, lean and boxy shapes individuals to bring out a modern and casual look.





The fit and flare dress is the all-time classic which looks great on just about anyone. With its timeless style which would never go out of trend which is fitted through the body and allowing it flow right below the hips. Further accentuates a slim, balanced look and further enhancing your best features!


Fit and Flare dresses are best for these body types:

As mentioned above, the Fit and Flare is an absolute winner for all body types out there! For apple-curved individuals, they may find that it creates a more defined waistline. For athletic shapes individuals, they will love it for the extra curve. And since the fit-and-flare resembles an hourglass on the hanger, it’s an obvious fit for hourglass shapes.



The Sheath Dress is the body-fitting dress which accentuates the curves of the individual wearing this beautifully styled dress.

A sheath dress is best for these body types:

Hourglass shapes individuals would love this style as it further helps to highlight their best features and curves.





The Trapeze Dress is cross between the Fit and Flare Dress and Shift Dress; resulting in a look triangular look when laid on flat surfaces. Showcasing the collar bones and shoulders with a smooth-flowing contour at the hem.


A trapeze is best for these body types:

If you’re athletic-shaped and looking to add the appearance of curves, this style will work wonders for you too.





Finally, an everlasting to-go-to dress to accentuate your curves through its fitting design! The Wrap Dress couldn't be any better to put you in the spotlight anytime!


A wrap dress is best for these body types:

If you’re an apple, hourglass, or generally on the curvy side, this style will play up or create a natural waist while emphasizing the bust. This creates a balancing effect on your overall silhouette. Plus, the knee-length fit makes this style perfect for day-to-night styling.

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